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Interior Design Ideas


The use of colour in Fabric and soft furnishing can uplift any interior (see image).  But the cheapest means of changing an Interior is the use of paint, and changing a room colour.

Colour brings light into your life, its a silent uplifting image, that we live with and do not at sometimes even notice.

Changing an Interior is so simple with a change of colour.  Mistakes people make is to panic half way through and decide they do not like the colour. Some of the nicest interiors I have done have been questionable as they were being coming together. But on finishing the final  interiors were great.

Live with a change of colour for a mininum of a week, before you finally say its not what you wanted. Sometimes people panic and do not give themselves time to adjust.

Bright warm interiors are great in our Irish weather, which is often dull and grey, so welcoming colours work well in our climate.

Never be afraid of change, we spend a large portion of our lives in our homes, and therefore in these recession times, a little change can help to brighten our outlook every time.




Our Design Ethos

The aim of MH Designs is to maximize the potential of your project and space, the development of a new dwelling, an extension or renovation. The added value of design goes beyond providing a mere functional solution to a brief. Our design is based on ideas. Not trends or styles. Obviously there are constraints, such as budget and planning guidelines. We like to believe that such constraints are not a hindrance to good design. Be it a home, an office block or a Healthcare or sporting Facility, buildings should provide a quality atmosphere for its users.


I have a lovely room. Money well spent, thanks to you. Very happy customer.”
Olive Maloney, Dromcollogher